The Energy Enigma

If for some reason you just happened on this site, chances are it wasn't by chance.

This website was created in 1999 to share work that I have done over the past two decades on ideas of energy and its relation to life, living, death and dying. It is my hope that this work will in some way inform and help others to recognize the inseparable nature-the connectedness of all things- relative to human beings and their environments.


     "Viewing energy as one phenomenon explains why all things are relative, why everything

      complements everything else, why uncertainty and unpredictability underlie our reality. It's

      because the one is always changing, always becoming, never standing still. How could any

          one thing be absolute, certain or predictable, when it never stands still? Perhaps we've set

          our goals too high, for it would seem that the One is ultimately unknowable." 

                                                          Vidette Todaro-Franceschi,   The Enigma of Energy , 1999


In memory of those lost,

In honor of those fighting,

For love of all,


United We Stand.  

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Please check out the after death communication page if you are suffering from the death of a loved one.  It might help you with your grieving;  Know that there are likely subtle signs that your loved one is still with you.


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