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As meaningful events after death communication (ADC) can be viewed as synchronicity-- a word coined from psychologist Carl Jung to depict acausal kinds of phenomena such as .....      (see synchronicity page).

If you are familiar with my work you will know this--the following account is an excerpt from my book.  I must also tell you at the onset that I have studied this phenomenon in a small case study with a sample of nine widows (funded by the Professional Staff Congress of the City University of New York).   

I only mention this now to let those of you out there who have experienced meaningful coincidences related to dead loved ones know that they are REAL EVENTS.  They are not a figment of your imagination.  You are not "LOSING IT!"  From what I can gather (yes, I do write about this in my work) there is substantial reason to believe that consciousness survives physical death. 

The following is an excerpt from The Enigma of Energy:  Where Science & Religion Converge:

I have heard many stories of synchronicity over the years and I have seen meaningful coincidences occur when the individuals involved were not even aware of them. For example, I had a patient in the cardiac intensive care unit who had suffered a serious myocardial infarction (heart attack). He had been doing fairly well but suddenly made a turn for the worse. His wife had spent the last two days at the hospital, but had left about an hour before, seeing that he was stable. Moments after he went into pulmonary edema, she reappeared back in the unit.

I went to speak with her and she told me that when she was about three blocks from home, a song, their wedding song, had come on the radio while she was driving. It was unusual, she said, to hear this old song on the radio and she got this funny feeling that she should come back to the hospital. This was back in the days (a decade or so ago) when family members were only allowed in the ICU during brief visiting times, but after a bit of finagling, and discussing it with the doctors who were really wonderful, she was allowed to be with her husband. He was still alert, but in obvious distress. She sat by his side and held his hand, talking to him through it all. He died about 30 minutes later, despite our efforts to save him.

Synchronicity events are well-documented phenomena; in fact my family and I have experienced some very meaningful coincidences since the death of my father. So, meaningful in fact, that I have embarked on an effort to study synchronicity related to the loss of a loved one. I am convinced that these occurrences are also commonplace, and while working with a bereavement group I have heard many poignant accounts that seem to validate my intuition. Sometime in the near future I hope to document them. In the meantime, I will share with you a few of mine.

For years the number 122 haunted my mother. She would see it everywhere, and would even wake up at precisely 1:22 in the morning. The haunting propensity of this number was often accompanied by a feeling of foreboding. In other words, she knew that whatever this number meant, it was not good. My mother has also always had this uncanny way of knowing when something wasn’t quite right with one of her children. She always seems to call my house or one of my siblings whenever a major crisis is occurring. Apparently, it seems, many mothers have this special sense in relation to their offspring.

The number 122 turned out to be pretty significant for my family, although none of us, except my mother, had really paid any attention to it before. My father died, or at least his physical body died, on January 22, 1995. It was perhaps a month after his death, and I had experienced many things that I really wanted to believe were divine signs that he was still in a sense, with us. Things like my thinking of him and suddenly seeing the number 122 or perhaps a song he used to sing would come on the radio. I alternated between belief and disbelief, for although I wanted desperately to believe, I’ve never been a particularly devout Christian.

One day about a month after my father left us, I was on my way home from a exceptionally absorbing evening at New York University. This was always a rough trip home for me, because I was accustomed to stopping off at my parents’ home to sit and talk with my father about all the philosophical things that had come to mind while at school. Somehow, I still wasn’t able to reroute my way home, despite the fact that the house had been sold months ago, and now Dad was no longer with us. Invariably I would find myself in tears while driving home.

On this particular evening when I was feeling a bit more desolate than usual, something incredible happened. I had stopped for a red light and there was a white truck in front of me. In bold black writing on that white truck were the words, "Psalm 122: I was glad when they said unto me, let us go into the house of the Lord." I would probably never have read the words, had I not noted the number 122. And the words were truly significant because my father had died of cancer and up until the last few days, he had fought valiantly to live.

Jung would have called this a synchronicity or "a meaningful coincidence." However, I think it was a bit more than that. I might call the fact that one of my father’s brothers also died on January 22, of course in a different year, a synchronicity. I would even call the astonishing coincidence that when I went to visit my grandparents’ grave site (my father’s parents), having not been there since the age of seven or eight, I was directed to plot number 122, a synchronicity.

Looking back in retrospect, I wonder how, by chance, my brother managed to buy his first home with the address 220 1st avenue, a month before Dad died. And the fact that he died six hours before his birthday could also be called another "coincidence." Yet, these are without question meaningful events. On the other hand, for me the Psalm points to more than a meaningful coincidence. It bears a distinct meaning that reached out to me. For me, this kind of meaningful occurrence leads to religion and to the idea of everlasting life. Perhaps I could discount it all as just a coincidence, but since then, I have had many such experiences.

Para-phenomena such as psi and synchronicity cannot be explained by the classical notion of energy. There is simply no basis for believing that energy is being transmitted from one thing to another. Jung commented on the paradoxical nature of these events:

…there are events which are related to one another experimentally, and in this case meaningfully, without there being any possibility of proving that this relation is a causal one, since the "transmission" exhibits none of the known properties of energy. There is therefore good reason to doubt whether it is a question of transmission at all.

Thus, Jung also came to the conclusion that these events cannot be explained as a "phenomenon of energy."

Today there seems to be an increased interest in para-phenomena and in such things and in such things as synchronicity.  There are scientists in almost every discipline who are trying to account for these action-at-a distance type phenomena.  Physicist David Peat brings to light some extraordinary consistencies concerning synchronicity and the new physics theories, for example, he discusses physicist Wolfgang Pauli's exclusion principle:  "the discovery of an abstract pattern that lies hidden beneath the surface of atomic matter and determines its behavior in a noncausal way."  Pauli's exclusion principle is a mathematical construct without which it is said that quantum theory could make no sense.  It is well know that Jung collaborated with Pauli on his work and it is obvious that they were of like minds; both believing that there were acausal factors in nature. 

It is believed that many of the newer scientific theories, such as Bohr’s complementarity, Heisenberg's uncertainty principle and nonlocality, offer possible avenues for further elucidation of various para-phenomena.  Some individuals, such as Taylor, believe it is a field phenomenon.  Still others discuss Bohm's theory of the implicate and explicate orders in conjunction with nonlocal events with the hopes that one day his theory will be able to account for these mysterious phenomena.

For information on synchronicity related to dead loved ones:

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