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To develop great men, such as Aristotle, Plato, Shakespeare, Milton, Washington, Lincoln, and then by death to quench them in utter oblivion, would be unworthy of Omnipotence. To my mind, it is simply an impossible conclusion. Man’s soul must be immortal.                                       William Keen, 1922

I hesitated to split death and dying off into a different page from that of health and healing because my belief is that death and dying are an intergal part of health and healing.  Death is NOT the opposite of life.  Dying is NOT the opposite of health.  In fact, dying could be viewed as healing, which is entirely consistent with some of the literature out there.  

In any case, which view of health & healing you hold, will in turn contribute to the way you view death & dying.  Interestingly, one can hold the traditional view of health & healing and still believe in some form of life after death.  Faith, revelation, and/or reasoning may play a part in our personal beliefs.

From an alternative viewpoint, dying is a manifestation of energy transforming from a physical state of being to a nonphysical state of still being.  Thus, death is the transformation of one's essence, not the cessation of life--just the end of physical life as we currently know it to be. No, this is not the proposal of some new age or even just "new" thesis.  I am simply stating what I consider to be "just so" (in the language of psychologist Carl Jung). The idea of some form of life after death--an eternal soul--has been around in some form or fashion, ever since humans acquired the ability to reason. For more on this view, please CLICK HERE.

September 11, 2001

Remembering the countless individuals from all walks of life, all   nations, all religions, who physically died on this day & who will live in all of our hearts forever.

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